Wear your MP3 player watch and------ listen to music whenever you please.
Make audio notes for yourself or discretely record conversations in business meetings.

Transfer data or image files between PC’s at home, school or office. Download your MP3 and WMA music files from your PC to your watch using the USB cable which comes with the watch.

The earphones for the watch can be used to listen to movies on your flight, saving the rental charge on the plane. Your PC sees the watch as an external drive, letting you drag & drop files.


System Requirements:
Windows 98 Second Edition
Window Millennium Edition
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Linux 2.4 or higher
Mac OS 9.0 or higher

256 MB-----------155
512 MB ----------185
1 GB --------------225
AC Charger--- -- 10
*Leather Band: Add $ 15

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MT MP3 Trio


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